Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Code Dump: C++ delegate

When I started to learn to program, a lot of stuff seemed like magic. If you're a programmer, you probably know the feeling. It's just like when you are told how to do something, rather than getting an explanation of how it works under the hood.

For me, that happened all the time using C# delegates. See, I really liked C# delegates. I thought they were the shit (and what all the pros used, don't ya know). Turns out they aren't good in every situation (most situations call for a more simple and sufficient event pattern) but regardless, they can be very useful at certain times.

Dumb name is dumb

I've done some researching about how to start blogs. One thing that comes up a lot is to make sure you nail the blog name.

So I sat in front of my the "Create a blog" page for a few minutes, realizing that I feel like I'm naming a character in an MMO (you MMO gamers know what I'm talking about).

Then I realized that I can change the name at any time. So here's my blog, with a dumb (yet accurate, which the programmer in me is a fan of) name.

It's not much now, but hopefully that will change. You can expect to see posts about stuff I'm interested in (like the choreography of 1's and 0's) and from time to time, even my own original thoughts (coming from an American, this is pretty impressive), so come back again and follow me and all that stuff. You never know, I may actually entertain some of you.

Note: While I am a programmer for Sony Online Entertainment, you won't find any information regarding their games here. My thoughts and everything written on this blog are my own.